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Dog Adventures - An End of Life Journey

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7/1/2021 - Pier Fries

Morning snuggles are usually the best, but it is still way too hot to touch anyone! I slept by myself on the floor again, that is what I...

6/30/2021 - Things That Go Boom

Mama woke us up early again today, it is still VERY hot, so we go for adventures in the morning and at night. We went to Higgins Beach...

6/29/2021 - A Little Friend

I had the best morning with Mama! We got up and went to Mama's friend Jess' house. She took us down to her lake to play for the morning....

6/28/2021 - Treatment

Mama woke us up early today, I didn't mind much, it usually means we are going to do something fun. After breakfast we loaded into the...

6/27/2021 - Trickey Pond

Mama woke up early and took me and Kazi to the cemetery. It was super hot today, so we had to do our walk early in the day. It was fun,...

6/26/21 - HANNAH!!

Mama got up really early, I didn't want to. I snuggled her lots but eventually we got up to go outside. There were no animals in the yard...

6/25/2021 - Deer Isle (trip #1)

Mama brought me and G to Deer Isle. This is one of my/our favorite places, we have been going there since I was a puppy. It rained the...

6/24/2021 - RUN!

(Post written by Mama H) Mama took me for a run! Mama H put on my harness but not Kazi or G! They had to stay home and I got to go with...

6/23/2021 - Mule

Today was really boring! Mama left me all day to do something with Auntie Erika, she didn't bring me, I didn't like it. I spent lots of...

6/22/21 - Doctors & Donuts

Today I saw the oncologist, I was very brave and went right inside. When Dr. Gill went outside to talk to my Mama's, she told them how I...

6/21/21 - Beach Morning

We had The BEST morning! I was a little confused when Mama's put my harness on right after breakfast, it seemed a bit early for a walk....

6/20/2021 - Snuggles & Slaughter

I gave my Mama lots of snuggles during the night, way more than normal nights. I am fairly certain that she loved this. I could hear the...

6/19/21 - It's All About Balance

The morning was boring. Mama's went to Uncle Ryan's and left us alone. We watched Dog TV and barked at all the noises. When mamas came...

6/18/21 - Beach Bites

Mama took me and Kazi to get a Holy Donut this morning. It was supposed to be just me and Mama, but Kazi wanted to go in the car with me....

6/17/21 - Burgers & Balls

Mama and I went to Boston this morning to say goodbye to Auntie Robyn, she is moving back to Georgia, we are both from there. We went to...

Intro - The Beginning

Our crazy adventure began on Memorial Day weekend 2021, just as the end of the school year was approaching. After a gentle hike at one of...

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