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6/20/2021 - Snuggles & Slaughter

I gave my Mama lots of snuggles during the night, way more than normal nights. I am fairly certain that she loved this. I could hear the joy in her voice when she woke up, I had fallen asleep with my head on one hip and my paw on the other. It was pure bliss for all! I love my Mama and she love me the mostest <3

The day was a slow, stay at home day for me and my sisters. Mama spent the morning doing archery with Papa, I stayed home while my other Mama worked in the yard. She left after that to take Papa to lunch for Father's Day. We stayed home alone, none of us like that very much.

We spent the afternoon lounging in the sun and barking at Kota in the yard next door. She has been there for 7 years, I still hope she goes away. It was a lazy summer afternoon at the Zipper-Berry house until BAM, death! My sister G killed a small rodent. I did not help her in this feat, but I sure did enjoy rolling all over its bloody carcass. I was happily COVERED in blood and was very proud to show my mama, she said I looked "murderous" but I would never hurt anyone. Mama took pictures (see below) to document my blood bath, it was great!

I spent the rest of night begging for more food, I think I had about 4 dinners. Now that I've had my surgery, I LOVE FOOD NOW!

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