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11/18/2021 - Fall Update

Hi friends, I know it has been a while since you've heard from Mama, school began and things have gotten very busy at home. Mama continues to write about our adventures, shenanigans, snuggles, and worries, but is having a hard time finding time to write our blog. It's the time of year she has lots of little people to take care of, she tends to get very busy. I don't mind though, I like little friends and think they need Mama too. What I don't like is when Mama leaves every morning, this is never fun but she always comes home super happy to see me!

It's almost Thanksgiving and it's been a couple months since we last sat down together, I wanted to let everyone know how I am doing. Mama has all kinds of words to describe how things are going, we will leave you with a few. Amazing. Brave. Perfect. I finished my chemo at the end of September and have zero signs that the cancer has spread. I have survived cancer for seven months post surgery, that is longer than what is predicted in dogs with my kind of cancer. I still act like a puppy and demand food all the time. Last week I ran 5 miles with Mama H, and that was after a long walk with Aunt Jessie. I am still doing all the things I love like playing fetch, snuggling my sisters, running on the beach, and climbing rocks and mountains. Mamas still take me for car rides, buy me ice cream, make me steak, bring me to acupuncture, and find new places to explore. Our most recent adventure was to Sawyer mountain, site of and old whale oil light used for Portland Harbor navigation. There wasn't much of a view from the top but it was a really fun and beautiful hike. We were the only ones on the trail, that's always better for G, as you know she is quite bossy and unpredictable.

I am living my very best life each and every day, I wish I had more time to spend with Mama but she tries really hard to give me all her attention when we are together. I am not cancer free but I am kicking cancers ass! I will see the doctor every couple months for a check up and scans to see when the cancer spreads, this is a very important part of my treatment because we don't want there to be a bleed like last time. Mama has always said that her dream for me is to see the snow again. As we approach winter I am hopeful that barrelling through snow will be another adventure I get to experience with complete joy and abandon. I have always loved snow. I love the calm, the quiet, the cold, and the solitude. I can feel it coming, can you?

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