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8/8/2021 - Presumpscot River Trail

We were up and out early today, starting our day with a walk at Evergreen Cemetery. Mama hasn't taken me there in a while, I have been nervous and hesitant the last bunch of times we came here. I was uncertain at first, but then I saw ABU, she was visiting her Mama at her grave. She joined us for our walk all around the cemetery. We walked to the wooded trail, we were searching for the river otters someone told Mama were in the pond. We didn't see them, only a big white crane sitting on a fallen tree. It was really hot and humid again, but we walked for quite a while, eventually returning to the car and said goodbye to Abu. We love her so much!

We all thought the adventure was over, since we usually only go to one place, but Mamas took us to a second spot for our morning adventure, Lucky us...although I think G would have argued otherwise. For our second adventure we revisited an old favorite, Presumpscot River Trail. Mama used to bring Brody and me there all the time when I was a puppy. One time when I was little I got spooked by a mountain bike and ran away from Mama. I was lost and Mama ran around yelling "STELLA", I know I know, epic Rocky reference. She couldn't find me so she went back to the car, I was sitting there waiting for her. I told you I am smart! Anyways, back to today, we walked all the way road, stopping many times for dips in the river. There were a ton of people and dogs, not our favorite but fun to see people out enjoying nature together. For most of the walk G was a mule, she even got into a fight with a dog on the way back to the car. Mama H saved G but she fell down to the ground trying to pick G up, at least she stopped her from biting the other dog. Everything turned out okay, but the other dog's human did absolutely nothing to help and her dog was really mean. By the time we got back to the car we were all very tired and HOT!!! We had already walked for more than three hours and it was only 1pm. It was time to head home for a dip in the "pool? and an afternoon family nap.

Mama and all of us had a quiet evening while Mama H was at climbing team. We all spent lots of time outside, Mama in the hammock, G and Kazi hunting and me laying in the grass. It really is a lovely way to spend a summer evening, simple pleasures. After our outside time came the final treat of the day. Mama made me my very own hamburger for dinner, it was delicious and the perfect treat before bed. No grand adventures today, just some local fun with my family. Thank you for another day, as Mama says!

NOTE: While I have not posted a new blog in a while, I continue to write about our adventures as they come. One of these days I hope to catch up and post in real time!

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