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8/10/2021 - A New Friend

Mama got me up super early today, I did not like this plan very much at first. It was a cool and foggy morning in Maine, the kind of morning perfect for sleeping in. Once Mama shoved me out of bed and encouraged me down the stairs, we got in the car and headed to...THE BEACH! Mama and I spent about 20 minutes at the beach playing fetch before we met up with a new friend, she had a dog named Cooper. I liked him very much but he was kind of naughty, he kept stealing my ball over and over. His mama was super nice and tried to get my ball back each time he took it, but it never lasted very long before he'd steal it again. Mama and I thought it was pretty funny and eventually let Cooper have the ball. he also stole other balls from other dogs, funny!! He was a very happy boy, we had fun together.

Later that day I went to the vet, it was chemo #3 day. I did a good job, Mama talked to the vet for a long time. Because of my weird eating they decided to skip this treatment and focus on helping me get my appetite back. I was still there a long time but I didn't mind much. Mama and G waited for me in the car. I like when I can have one of my sisters with me, I get to see them right away when I am finished doing something hard. Mama brought us home where we snuggled together the rest of the evening. It was a big day!

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