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6/26/21 - HANNAH!!

Mama got up really early, I didn't want to. I snuggled her lots but eventually we got up to go outside. There were no animals in the yard this morning, a big disappointment, maybe I scared them away? When Mama took off my leash I went to run in the yard but stopped and yelped, something hurt me! I stayed close to Mama and eventually felt okay and chased my ball. WHen we came back inside Mama gave us crab for breakfast, I wanted to guard and bury it but decided it was too delicious. I ate it all!

Mama, G and I went for a walk to Gray's Cove beach down the road. It was cloudy, windy and cool. Georgia stopped A LOT to sniff and eat gross things. Most of the time I don't mind when she does this, but I do think she is lazy and likes to avoid walking sometimes. I will miss her when I am gone, I think she will miss me too. We haven't always gotten along, I bit her ear off once, but now we are best friends. Strange, I know.

Mama seemed relaxed and happy, I hope she feels that way when we are together, it is my most important job. When we got to the beach Mama took off my leash. I did not feel like swimming, unusual for a lab. We walked up and down the beach, then headed back home.

On the walk back to the house a deer ran in front of us, at least that's what Mama and G said. I am not sure I saw it, I was distracted thinking about my tennis ball, I am part lab afterall. After the first deer ran across the road, a second deer started to dart across the road, stopped dead center, starred at us for a good 15 seconds before it sauntered away. This all made G very excited of course, she is quite the hunter. G locked eyes with the deer and stood happily at attention until the deer ran away. A third deer almost ran out but got spooked by our movement. This was super cool to see with Mama and G!

Because my leg hurts, Mama made me spend much of the rest of the day resting. We did go for a ride in the car to the grocery store, but I begrudgingly rested that afternoon. Mama was annoyed, she kept telling me to rest my little head. She loves me so much, she said so about 100 times today.

HANNAH! SHE IS HERE!! I got to see one of my most favorite humans ever, my cousin Hannah. She has been my friend since she was a small person. Hannah always liked to play with me, pet me and snuggle me when she was a little girl. She would throw the ball for me as many times as I wanted and NEVER asked me to come inside. I love her very much, I always have. She gave me some goodbye pets, she was going to camp, I really hope I see her again in this life. I love her very much.

We climbed in the car after saying goodbye to everyone (Hannah, Loren, Virginia, Ava, Ley, Robyn and John) headed to camp, I was ready to go home and see Kazi. I like it best at home, I think Mama does too.

I was excited to be home and see everyone, I laid next to Mama H until it was time to go upstairs to bed. Goodnight friends, it was a great day and I am sleepy!

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