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6/17/21 - Burgers & Balls

Mama and I went to Boston this morning to say goodbye to Auntie Robyn, she is moving back to Georgia, we are both from there. We went to Shake Shack and Mama got me a cheeseburger and fries. I LOVE CHEESEBURGERS, I did not like the fries. We spent a lot of time in the car but mama had the windows down and it felt really good.

After our road trip we went back to the vet and got the rest of my staples out. This lady was much better at it, she had mama hold me instead of the other way. I am really glad that's all over.

I came home and there was a present, for ME! It was a bag of my very favorite thing in the whole world, BALLS (tennis balls weirdos). I LOVE THEM!!!! All the balls are mine! Mama said we do not know who they are from, I am so very happy, thank you to my mystery friend.

Later that day we went to Tow Path, I love it there, it is one of my favorite walking spots. I ran, went swimming, and rolled in something gross. Mama had to hose me down when we got home, it sucked.

I did finally eat the fries...for dinner. Now I am snoring. I am happy. What a great day, burgers and balls for the win!

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