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6/22/21 - Doctors & Donuts

Today I saw the oncologist, I was very brave and went right inside. When Dr. Gill went outside to talk to my Mama's, she told them how I stuck my head up her skirt when we met. They all thought this was really funny, she is a nice lady! My Mama's decided to try chemo for me, another hard decision. The treatment won't save my life but could help me live a bit longer, twice as long as expected. We are going to try it but if I don't like it we will stop. Mama and I have a few more adventures to travel before I say goodbye.

Mama talks to me about my cancer a lot, she tells me I get to choose when it's time. I am not sure I understand completely but I do know how happy I am to be alive, TODAY!

I guess when you go see the special doctor you get a special treat afterwards. Mama got me a back & cheddar donut and it was the most delicious thing EVER, I even shared it with my sisters, they LOVED it! After my yummy donut Mama drove me to Mackworth Island to walk with Auntie Kim. She brought me treats and gave me lots of love, we really like each other. We walked around the island, one of my very favorite spots from when I was a puppy. It smelled the same and was just as beautiful as the last time we went there. It started to get windy and looked like rain was coming. I did not like this and pulled Mama back to the care. I was all done with our walk.

When we got home Mama made me put on a shirt, I am supposed to wear one so I don't lick my belly. I got to wear Mama H's Access Fund t-shirt, I took it off in the swamp and now it's gone forever, whoops!

I snuggled Mama lots tonight. I put my head on her heart, just like when I was a puppy, and wrap my legs around her. This is what we have always done and it is beautiful. Mama says she will miss this the most, I think I will too.

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