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6/30/2021 - Things That Go Boom

Mama woke us up early again today, it is still VERY hot, so we go for adventures in the morning and at night. We went to Higgins Beach again, one of my favorite places as you know. I was happy to be there with my family but didn't have much interest in my ball today. I showed Mama I wanted her to throw it, and would gingerly run after it, but didn't want to bring it back or run much. Instead, I stayed close to Mama, explored the waves and tide pools with my sisters (G hated this part) and watched everyone around me. I was tired after a while, Mama thinks maybe the Chemo made me sluggish.

We spent much of the day inside resting, my friend Sarah came to take me for a walk, I really like her, we all do! Each of us gets really excited when she comes to visit, but she only takes me for a walk. I wonder why? Whatever the reason, I like it, I feel special.

Too hot the rest of the day. We stayed quiet and mellow at home. We watched TV, and napped and snuggled...until the thunder happened. If you don't know, I HATE THUNDER, IT SCARES ME...A LOT! I shook so much I started gagging, hid in the bathtub, but tried to be brave. I am not brave with loud noises, I am scared. Mama tried to comfort me but I am less nervous when I am alone, Mama knows this about me and leaves me in my space. After the thunder came the fireworks from the neighbor. I HATE FIREWORKS! Mama got really mad and yelled at them, every dog in the neighborhood was barking and scared, they stopped. Mama made them stop.

It was a really long night of feeling afraid. I am tired and hungry, but don't really feel much like eating. I have had that feeling a lot lately. I just want to guard my food but I also really want to eat it. I feel weird. After a while Mama went to bed and Mama H came home. She mixed cat food with my dinner, I ate it all because I LOVE cat food.

I slept by myself downstairs last night. I do not feel good. Mama made me come upstairs at 2am, I slept on a spot on the floor. I am tired Mama.

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