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6/18/21 - Beach Bites

Mama took me and Kazi to get a Holy Donut this morning. It was supposed to be just me and Mama, but Kazi wanted to go in the car with me. Mama got us an old fashioned donut. It was WARM! Our other mama ate some of it because it was so yummy. We didn't mind sharing...this time!

I hung out in the yard most of the day. Mama sat in the hammock some, I laid under my favorite (crabapple) tree and played with many new balls. I wonder who sent them. Mama thinks I was bored but I love outside, there is nowhere I'd rather be.

Tonight we went to Higgins Beach Market, mamas got us chicken bites and fries. I wasn't sure at first but they were delicious. I was too focused on going to the beach and being excited. When I am really really excited to be somewhere I whine really loud. My mama's think this is hilarious! Mamas ate dinner then drove to our favorite beach, this is after I barked...a lot.


There was no beach to walk on, so we drove away. This made me a little sad because Higgins is my favorite. Mama said she'll take me back in the morning so I can run on the big beach with my new rainbow tennis balls. Mamas drove to Crescent Beach instead. I ran through the woods off my leash, chased Kazi on the beach, and splashed in the ocean waves. Mama H took some good pictures of me and my mama. I love her!

It was a great day, I am tired :-)

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