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7/1/2021 - Pier Fries

Morning snuggles are usually the best, but it is still way too hot to touch anyone! I slept by myself on the floor again, that is what I prefer when it is hot outside.

Mama and I left early today and went to the cemetery again. I used to love going there but recently it just hasn't been the same. I used to whine and bark with excitement when we'd arrive, not as much anymore. Our walks start out fun, lots of smells and people, but there is usually a sound that I hear and it makes me nervous. I've always been afraid of some sounds like thunder and fireworks, but there are lots more sounds I don't like these days. So we left and went to pick up Auntie Erika!

Even though the house is still hot today, it is cooler outside, so Mama and Erika took me for an adventure to a place called Old Orchard Beach. It was weird! We saw lots of people, smelled lots of food smells, and sat watching people go by. I always love being with my mama, but don't always love being around lots of people, my sister Kazi does though. Mama and Erika ate fries, I didn't want any, I'm still not very hungry. I am being super weird about food lately, picky might be the better word. There started to be a lot of traffic and trucks, they made banging noises I did not like. After Mama and Erika were done, we went back to the car and drove home.

In the afternoon and evening it was cloudy and rained off and on. We all stayed home and rested most of the remainder of the day. There were no epic or crazy adventures, just a day doing normal things with my Mama who I love so much. Thank you Auntie Erika for offering me your fries.

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