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6/19/21 - It's All About Balance

The morning was boring. Mama's went to Uncle Ryan's and left us alone. We watched Dog TV and barked at all the noises. When mamas came home they moved a lot of furniture, I did not like any of this very much.

I exercised with Mama H in her "yoga room". I love doing this with my mama. I get in her way when I lay on the yoga mat. She doesn't seem to mind too much because she lets me do it. I love it!

Mama packed us in the car and took us to the storage space. This was boring.

EAST END! We went walking in the park at sunset, it was hot. We saw lots of people, kids playing, food trucks, and other dogs. We walked for a long time, Mama H took Kazi on the beach and left me and G. We did NOT like this. I whined for her to come back, she did not hear me. After the beach we walked back to the car, I thought we were going home but we didn't...

Willard Scoops, yay for ice cream! Mamas took us for ice cream, AGAIN! We got a new flavor, it was blueberry. YUM YUM. Another dog came by when we were eating ice cream in the car, I did not like this. I barked at it...a lot. Mama drove us home, it was late when we got back, we all went straight to bed.

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