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6/24/2021 - RUN!

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

(Post written by Mama H)

Mama took me for a run! Mama H put on my harness but not Kazi or G! They had to stay home and I got to go with Mama. We passed the field and Mama was running kinda slow, so I ran slow too with her. We ran to the woods! I went in the river! I went swimming! Then Mama started running, so I went with her. I love the woods! Mama kept saying what a good girl I was and I was happy. Sometimes she stopped and thought it was for me but I wanted to keep running! I stayed near Mama and I kept her safe. I thought we would stop at the campsite but we went to the end! Mama petted me and said she loves me and said thank you for running with me. Then we met 2 dogs that look like me, I was a little nervous, but they were nice. Their mama petted me. It's because I AM CUTE. That lady smelled good. Finally it was time to run back and it was getting hot so I went swimming again. Mama was smiling because I AM CUTE. This is my job and I am the best. I was tired after our run but it was so much fun. Mama loves me and running and I love being a good girl <3

(Written by Mama)

After my run Mama took me and Kazi to the cemetery. We walked on the trails, it was a beautiful day with lots of good smells. I did hear some of the banging noises I don't like, I stayed right by Mama's side when this happened. We were almost back at the car and Kazi got scared by an animal in the bushes, she jumped up and back like a gazelle. I think it spooked her, I am glad we got to walk together.

Mama made steak for dinner!! Me and G got to eat the scraps and I LOVED IT!

I spent the rest of the night by myself in the dining room. I did go snuggle Mama once my other Mama got home. It was a tiring day, it was fun and yummy.

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