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6/29/2021 - A Little Friend

I had the best morning with Mama! We got up and went to Mama's friend Jess' house. She took us down to her lake to play for the morning. I was slow to warm up but curious. I spent much of the first hour playing with my little friend Callan. He asked Mama "what I loved", he was interested in being my friend. Callan threw my ball in the water and I would go get it and drop it at his feet. He knew to throw again, he never threw it too deep, he is a gentle boy. Callan and I played for a long time, I liked him a lot. After a while Mama got in this long boat called a canoe, so did Callan. I was curious so I jumped in too. The boat moved so I jumped out, Mama and Callan stayed in the canoe. I went in and out a few more times, Callan was very encouraging. Mama didn't pressure me but I could tell this was something she wanted to share with me, so I jumped back in and sat snuggled behind Mama. I leaned on her back signaling that I was ready to go, Jess went to get the paddles while the three of us stayed behind and waited.

Callan is only three years old, he asked Mama "what was wrong" with me when we were waiting for his mama to return. My Mama told him all about my tumors, I think he cares about me. When Jess came back she untied the canoe and then Mama and I were canoeing together, it was really peaceful. We saw a loon and some fish friends, and felt the wind all around us. This must be how Brody felt when he went kayaking with Mama, pure peace. I hope we get to go again with both my mamas, I loved it! When I left Callan's house I heard him say to Jess and my Mama "she is a sweet pup". This made us all happy.

It was another hot day, so Mama made us rest most of the day inside. We still tried to go outside lots, but they always made us come back in. Oh well! After dinner, and after the sun went down, we all went for to one of our favorite family spots, Tow Path. We go there a lot, it's right near our house. It was still super hot so Mama's brought towels to go swimming. Kazi and I ran all the way to the water, even though she was still being a big baby about her bandage. When we got to the river campsite I got to go swimming with both of my Mama's. They wam and floated, and I paddled in and out, all around them. I love getting to do fun summer things with my Mama. Today was a magical day and I am tired.

We had lots of snacks before bed and lots of snuggles. Goodnight world!

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