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6/16/2021 - What Do You Do With a Cone?

Spent the morning with Mama H, we didn't do much, just hung out in the yard.

Later that morning I went to Evergreen Cemetery with Mama and G. It was fun at first but then I heard the dump trucks and got scared. I wanted to keep walking but I didn't like the noises. I pulled Mama and G back to the car.

Mama felt bad for me and took us to get ice cream. It was peanut butter and strawberry mixed together. I had a cone but I was afraid of it, what do you do with a cone? I let G eat that part. She seemed to like it, YUM!

That afternoon I got my staples out from my spleen surgery. I did not like this part of the day, the vet is scary. They forgot to take our 5, I have to go back tomorrow. I do not like this.

We went for another walk all together that night, it started to rain. I got scared again and headed home. Rain is scary.

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