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6/27/2021 - Trickey Pond

Mama woke up early and took me and Kazi to the cemetery. It was super hot today, so we had to do our walk early in the day. It was fun, we walked a little in the woods on the trails, and a little in the cemetery. After about an hour we were done, too hot! We drank lots of water, jumped in the car and headed home!

Like I said, it was SUPER hot today. I wanted to stay outside in the heat, laying under the deck like I normally do, but Mama's wouldn't let us. I kept on trying though, I really wanted to be outside, I always do!

When Mama H was done working, they both took me in the car again. This time we drove to Trickey Pond, I LOVE THIS PLACE! We walked down the trail to aprovate swimming spot. I went right in! Much to my surprise, both my Mama's came in and swam with me, it was magical! The sun was shining on the water, there were loons swimming all around, the wind was blowing and the air was warm. This part if my day was so very joyful, it was perfect.

All of us girls sat outside with our Mamas while they at dinner. I like it when we all sit together. I laid under the table, they ate pizza. I love them!

No snuggles tonight, it's too hot. Goodnight family, I love you <3

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