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8/6/2021: Simple Pleasures

Today was more fun than the other days this week. We didn't have any wild adventures, but we had fun in our favorite places and with our favorite people. Smaller adventures and simple fun are just as important as the big memorable ones. They are a great reminder to slow down and enjoy the little things in life...which aren't really little at all (dog tip).

We had a great morning at home, Mama H worked in her office and Mama had some things to do in town, she left for most of the morning. When Mama came home from her errands, she packed all three of us in the car to go somewhere. Goodie, goodie, I love when Mama takes all three of us together! We went back to Pratt's Brook today, Mama got eaten alive by mosquitos, they really like to bite my Mama. We took the Otter trail again, this time it was quite clear where the footbridge was, the water had gone way back down. We took some time to stop and wade in the river pools, the water was really cold and flowed steadily over our paws. It was very hot today, but cold fresh water felt great to all of us, except G. My goodness was she having a mule day. She was slow, she was stubborn, and she made Kazi and me turn around to go back before we were ready. Such a drag sometimes! I was hot but geez, we were in the shade and in the water. Oh well, we all have our moments, clearly she was uncomfortable. Back to the car we went, then home. When we got there, Mama and me went for a "swim" in our small doggie pool. We can all go in and cool off but it is not a pool for swimming, only soaking. Mama got it for us but I think it is really for her because she gets so hot. It was fun to cool off together after our very hot walk.

Later in the night Mamas took me to see Papa and Sue. We had dinner at Sue's house, it's on the ocean, I love it there. Sue gave me lots of attention and Papa made me a steak. We sat around the table, me at Sue's feet, the humans drinking wine, eating food and laughing. This is the magic of life. Simple things, done together, it was joyful...the salmon skin was just a bonus. I am grateful for another day of love!

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