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8/1/21 - 8/5/2021: Mostly Boring

8/1/2021: It was a boring day at home. We laid around most of the day. Mama made is steak for dinner, it was quite amazing. I whined for more most of the night, it didn't work the way I had hoped. I don't really understand why we needed a rest day, afterall it is my "gotcha day". It is a special day where humans celebrate the day they brought their pet(s) home. I suppose steak is a pretty good celebration, at least we are all together, eight years and counting! That's me as a puppy below, wasn't I adorable?

8/2/2021: Today was another sort of boring day. Mama got us up early but didn't take us with her when she left. I tried really hard, several times, to go with her but she wouldn't let me. This always makes me a little bit sad.

When Mama came back she still didn't take us anywhere. Mama rode her weird bike that doesn't go anywhere. She really loves that thing. When she was finished she finally got us ready to go somewhere.

Another car trip, albeit a short one, a lot of our adventures start with a car trip. Today we visited Cummings Preserve in WIndham, right around the corner from us. It is not a super long trail, but it is a nice trail with some fun places to go swimming. I tried to go in the deep water a few times, not in safe spots, Mama told me no! After our walk Mama left again, she was gone for a long time this time. Abu came over for a visit, she likes to sit with us in the yard and throw the ball for me. She gave us steak for dinner, again! It was super yummy of course. One dinner was not enough for me today, I wanted a second dinner , so I whined at Mama until she gave me another meal. I must be really cute or really annoying, either way, I am very loved and happily full!

8/3/2021: This has been a pretty boring week, our days have been long and our walks have been short, at least for me. My appetite is still strong, and I am hoping we all do some fun things again soon. I am getting restless and doing lots of whining.

8/5/2021: A long rainy day today. We all stayed home most of the day and had a "cabin sleaze". That's what Mama called it at summer camp when she was a younger human. My friend Sarah came this morning to walk me before the rain got too hard. I was grateful to stretch my legs! I was super fussy today, I am still restless, I just want more adventures, maybe tomorrow. I am always hopeful!

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