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7/5/2021 to 7/11/2021 - Random Happenings

Life got busy during this week, I was not able to keep up with our daily journaling in the same capacity as the previous weeks. We tried to jot down some notes, quick anecdotes, and important happenings. I also flew to Chicago to visit my parents, first time in 17 months. Mama H documented a couple special moments. Here are our sporadic happenings.

7/5 & 7/6

Mama missed a couple days, they were fun! Here are some notes...

  • I declined going to Higgins Beach with Mama and Auntie Kim, I stayed home with my sisters instead, too early for me today!

  • I've been weird about my food, I only want to eat certain things. I am sure some of you can relate.

  • I went to Shaw Park a couple times, Mama and I haven't been there in a long time. I really liked it! I went swimming.

  • Lots and lots of morning snuggles. I love getting endless snuggles, belly rubs and kisses in the morning. I make it hard for my Mamas to get up.


Mama took me to Shaw Park again, i forgot about this place, I like it here. We can walk, swim and run in the woods. Mama and I did the big loop in the morning before it got too hot. We hardly saw anyone but did see lots of people putting their kayaks in the water. I swam next to them!

Mama H took me to acupuncture with her again. I got really excited to see Ann, she puts needles in me that help me feel better and more brave. She and Mama H give me lots of attention. This time Ann told me I don't have to be afraid of thunder, I'm not sure I believe her. After acupuncture, I came home and took a family nap, this is one of our favorite summer activities. Me, Mama, Georgia and Kazi, all snuggled in bed on rainy afternoons...sometimes even BAM joins us! She's a cat.


Today I walked with Sarah in the morning, we all really love her, she is our dog walker sometimes. She took me to the woods and all around the neighborhood. I came home happy.

Mama was gone ALL day, I missed her and was sad. I wonder why she was so busy today?

I am whiny today.

7/9/2021 (written by Mama H)

Mama left me! She is gone. I do not like when she is gone. She is visiting Nana and Papa. I wish I was visiting Nana and Papa.

I went to dinner at Abu and Boppy's and was a very good girl. They are my other grandparents. As you know, Abu gives lots of snacks.

7/10/2021 (written by Mama H)

We got in the car and went to Cherry hill Trail and there was ABU!! Waiting for ME! I barked a lot!! I couldn't wait to see her and I jumped out. It was hot but I had fun because I got to walk with Abu.

7/11/2021 (written by Mama H)

We went to Papa and Sue's (more grandparents, we are lucky) and I hung out while Mama H and Papa worked on the van. It was kind of boring but I tried to be good. Finally we went on a walk to bug light and it was fun.! We walked out to the lighthouse and a little girl petted me.

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