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7/4/2021 - This Stupid Holiday, Again!


Our Mamas were gone all afternoon and cooked in the kitchen all morning. It is a stupid holiday where humans explode things that make loud, scary noises. They do this ALL NIGHT LONG...FOR DAYS! I really hate it. The noises scare me so much my whole body shakes, my teeth chatter, I pant, I gag, and I hide. I like to hide in Mamas room or the bathroom. A couple years ago Mama drove me around all night, for hours. Last year there were no fireworks, I liked that better. This year was okay, but still not great. This year Mama and me, and everyone else, sat locked in the bedroom for most of the night. Mama put the TV really loud, turned the fans on, and gave me some anxiety drugs to help me relax. I could still hear the noises sometimes, but it wasn't as bad as it usually is. I really hate this holiday, I don't get why humans would do something that scares so many creatures. It makes me feel really bad.

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