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7/31/2021 - Dodge Point

Today was one of those perfect Maine days. It was warm, the sun lit the trees beautifully, and the most sensational breeze filled the air with all the best Maine smells. The water sparkled, the birds chirped loudly, and the humans were wandering about enjoying these tiny treasures with their families.

Mama took us to another old favorite place, Dodge Point in Newcastle. This was Brody's favorite spot when he and Mama lived nearby. Brody was my brother for those of you who don't know. Anyway, they used to go there every day when Mama got out of work. It was one of the first places we went together when I was a small puppy. There are lots of trails and beaches to explore, we visited for a long time. We walked the familiar woods together, breathing in every bit of this perfect day. The air was indescribable. We roamed the beached, collected rocks, swam, and bathed in the sun. Kazi and I were having a blast together splashing in the shallow tide, she even stuck her WHOLE face in the water when we were swimming. She is funny! Mama and I laughed at her. G on the other hand was having a mule day. About half way through our adventure, she had had enough. She moved at a snail's pace the whole second part of our walk. It took super long to get back to the car, we didn't mind too much, like I said, it was a perfect day.

After our hike, we went to our most favorite ice cream places, Round Top! Mama got us peanut butter ice cream, yum! G and Kazi had to share a dish, I got my own dish but they got more ice cream. I didn't growl or guard my ice cream this time, I was a very good girl. We headed home, all of us asleep before we left the Round Top parking lot. It was a cool ride home with all the windows open and the breeze flowing in and out of the car. When we arrived home we had an early dinner, I had two dinners, did I mention my appetite is back? All of us were exhausted after two incredible days of fun together. In bed by 8, fast asleep quickly after. I am grateful for this family, for these days, for this life. Today was perfect!

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