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7/30/2021 - Pratt's Brook Preserve

My appetite is back and is robust! I want to eat ALL the things. After I ate my entire breakfast, and Mama did some stuff around the house, we jumped in the car for a Saturday family adventure. Boy oh boy was this a good one!

We drove for a short while and ended up at Pratt's Brook Preserve in Yarmouth. This place is awesome! There are lots of different trails to choose from, and dogs are allowed off the leash...if you listen. We absolutely love it here and haven't been in a long long time. Today we picked the "otter" trail, it is the only one we have never done, turns out we saved the best for last! We ran through the woods, weaved in and out of the trees, and I tried multiple times to herd Mama and G. My goodness is G slow sometimes. We went down a big hill, like a ravine, at the bottom was a brook. It was flooded and flowing quickly from all the rain. We explored the water, taking a quick dip on a hot day, dunked our faces and took lots of drinks. When it came time to continue on, we all got a bit confused. You see, on this trail you follow the pictures of the animals instead of the hash marks on the trees. There was an otter on the tree at the edge of the brook, but when we looked around for another, there wasn't one visible. Mama looked around and saw what looked like a foot bridge covered with flowing water, that was it! Kazi and I ran right over it and had a blast, it was no problem. G got picked up and carried, she can be a big wimp with the water. She looked pretty happy to be carried by Mama. We walked for a long time, returning the same way we came, on the way back G crossed the river by herself. Way to go G!! By the time we got back to the car, we were so very tired and hot. We headed home and slept most of the afternoon.

Mama started up the bus, time for another bus adventure. Auntie Kim came over, I always bark really loud when I see her, but I love her so much. The three of us got on the bus and went to get pizza from Monte's. I wasn't allowed to have any but it really smelled delicious. We drove to the East End beach parking lot and hung out on the bus eating pizza. I sat in the driver's seat the whole time Mama and Auntie Kim talked. I stared out the window, with the sun on my face, looking at all the different people and pets walking by. I was so relaxed and Mama and Auntie Kim were having a great time talking and laughing. I love Mamas friends.

The rest of the night we spent home snuggled together. My goodness was I tired, we all were. What an amazing day with my beautiful family. We are blessed to have each other today and always.

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