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7/3/2021 - Monhegan Island

Something big is happening today, I know because my Mama's got up really really early and put me in the car to go somewhere, only me! We rode in the car for a long time, it was a cloudy and rainy morning, so I rested most of the time in the car. After a couple of hours of car rest, we arrived at our place, Port Clyde, ME.

There were LOTS of people and cars around. I barked a lot because this all makes me nervous, but I was also really excited. After we talked to the man, we parked the car and walked to where all the people were. It looked like a line, in fact, it was a line. We waited with all the people, I didn't like this very much. Every once in a while I would start nervous shaking, Mama H would take me away from the people for a short walk. We did this until the line started to move, then we walked with the people, again, I did not like this. I was nervous, I was scared, but I was trying to be brave for Mama H's adventure!

Eventually we got on a boat, Mama called it a ferry. It was crowded, it was cold, it was wet, and I was really scared. The captain blew the horn, I hated that. The boat started to move, it was loud, I was scared. Lots of people tried to help me and seemed worried about me. I was really really scared. Mama's tried everything to help me. They pet me, they held me, they sat on the floor with me, and they told me I was brave. I did not feel very brave, I was shaking. A nice family switched places with us so we could be in the corner, the son really liked me, I know because he kept checking on me. Being in the corner of the boat was better, it was still not fun. Lots of humans looked sick, the ocean was rough. At one point Mama H started eating some snacks, she shared her salmon bites with me. This was distracting and made the rest of the ride much better for me. Finally we made it, we were on a real island, it was beautiful.

We got off the boat and walked up a big hill with all the people, it was loud but exciting. We walked around, found the human bathroom, and headed to a place where Mama's could eat. I was still a little nervous but happy to be off the boat. We all ate at a restaurant by the ocean, this might have been my first time at a place where humans eat together. I finally relaxed for a bit, Mama's met some other nice dog mamas. I got into a squabble with one of them but I liked their Mamas, they were nice. After food we started our fun adventure!

Walks are my absolute favorite thing to do, I could walk all day with my Mamas and sisters. That is why they brought me here I think, for a special walk, just us, together! We walked to a shipwreck, or at least that is what Mama called it, she was super excited about it, that made me excited about it too! I followed Mama while she explored the rusty metal. I stayed real close to her, we tooks some pictures together. I feel safe Now. Next we walked on the trail, we went over rocks, through the woods, and stopped lots of times to explore and take pictures. It was really beautiful and smelled incredible, even though it was a gray day. I thought I smelled sheep in the air, maybe there were some we never saw. We walked on the trail for a long time, then ended up back in the tiny town. I was having fun. After the fun walk, Mama's went to a second restaurant to drink beer.

I was a little nervous here too, you know, PEOPLE! I sat on the picnic table bench with Mama. A nice lady brought me some water, so I got to drink with my Mamas. Mama H gave me some beer, don't judge, I have cancer. usually I like beer, but not today. Eventually I laid down, I was getting tired and I found a nice place in the grass behind Mama to rest.

Here we are, back in the damn line, except this time we are near the front next to a group of super nice people. I was still nervous, but not like last time. Mamas kept telling me I was brave, maybe I'm just a little brave. My Mama's talked to the nice people for a long time, they talked about lots of things, but mostly talked about me. Mama H told them all about my cancer, they showed me lots of love and kindness. There was a man in the group who kept giving me the most gentle pets, normally I don't really like lots of pets from strangers, but he was different. I kept going back to him for more love, he seemed okay with it, he pet me every time I asked. We finally got on the boat, Mama found us a really big spot on the top deck. The ride back was better, I was still a little nervous, but laid down and rested for most of the ride. The water was not as rough and I had lots of room to spread out. Mamas talked to all the people, they all seemed curious about me. I was starting to like all the attention. By the end of the ride I was snuggled between Mama's legs with my head on her foot, nothing more perfect, I am certain Mama would agree. As we were leaving the boat, heading down the stairs to the exit, I licked someone's hand. Mama H saw me do it. The person was down below but he was holding onto the railing from the steps. We were stopped there waiting, I sniffed the hand and gave it a big kiss (lick to you humans), it was the nice man from the line, I just wanted to say thank you. I really like him.

Ice cream time! Mama got me peanut butter ice cream, I liked it so much I barked and guarded it from the lady who worked there. I was serious, don't touch my ice cream! Mamas thought this was funny. After ice cream we went home, I slept the whole way and was happy to be all together when we were home. I loved today. I love my family. I love my Mamas. What a great day, I AM BRAVE!

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