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7/28/2021 - Stella Loves the Bus!

(notice the heart her legs make)

What a super fun morning we had! Mama and me went for a morning THE BUS! This was my very first ride in the bus, it was loud and bouncy, but I got used to it after awhile and had a blast. We drove the bus to Shaw Park and met Mama's friend Catherine and her dog Annie. Other than my sisters, there aren't very many dogs I like, but I have always liked Annie. She is calm and sweet. She likes to explore things together, smell things together, and run together. Neither of us are big on dog play, just wandering together. We had lots of fun running after each other in the bushes, up and down the hills and all around. I finally felt good and was ready to get some energy out. This was the perfect distraction from our harder adventure that morning, that one wasn't as much fun.

I thought it'd be fun, it started out with donuts, but it was no fun. We dropped Mama H off at the bus station, she is going away, I don't like when Mamas go away. She said she'd see me really soon, even though Mamas always come back, it is always hard when they leave. Kazi has the hardest time when Mama H leaves, I will be extra nice to my sister while she is away. Maybe she will feel a little better if me and G give her extra snuggles?

I was pretty tired from my busy morning, I spent a lot of the afternoon enjoying the perfect summer day. It is the kind of Maine day that makes your whole soul feel happy. We all laid in the yard together, Mama in the hammock, and me and my sisters in the grass. These are magical moments, all of us together, outside, the good life!

Dinner. Stupid food. I just don't want any of it, Mama made me steak for dinner, I wanted that. It is the first food I've been interested in for a while, it was fantastic. Mama told me is was Nana and Papa's idea, they are so smart. Mama shared a lot of it with me, I wish I could have had more, it was the most delicious part of my day. We ended the night in a snuggle pile, there's a lot more room in the bed with Mama H gone, time to spread out and rest!

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