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7/27/2021 - Good People

Started the day with our usual snuggle pile, me, Mamas, G and Kazi. Usually I am ready to get up right away with Kazi and Mama. G and Mama H like to sleep in longer than we do. After we went outside, I declined another meal, I;m just not feeling like eating. Mama and I jumped in the car and drove to Shaw Park for an early morning walk and swim. There is a loop we do, today we did it twice! Mama brought Kazi this time, I think she had a lot of fun together. I still say she could work on her listening skills a little harder, I mean she is 9, and older than me. We came home right after our walk and we spent much of the remaining morning laying in the sun.

Mama left for most of the rest of the day, she had to go to work. I have always disliked when Mama has to go to work. At least Mama h can work at home now! We really like having her with us during the day, she lets us play outside and gives us lots of snacks and attention. Even though we distract her a lot, she always gives us what we ask for, we love her!

While Mama was at work, I went on an adventure with Mama H. She took me to see my friend Ann, I love this friend, she feels safe. Ann is the human who does my acupuncture, it feels awesome. It started to rain when I was there, this made me nervous, as usual. Ann is treating my "Earth" to help me not be so nervous. I think it's helping a little at a time. After Ann we went to see another human I love, Abu!

I LOVE ABU AND BOPPY! I was soooo excited to see them today. I ran right inside and jumped all over them, I just love them so much, and it's not just because Abu gives me lots of snacks. Speaking of snacks, Abu gave me STEAK! I will most certainly eat that, and I did! We didn't stay long, but it is always fun to spend some time with Abu and Boppy. Mama H loaded me back in the van and we made a couple more stops before getting back home. We had a lot of fun spending the day just the two of us.

When I got home I was STARVING! I whined , ate, whined, ate, whined and ate more. I could not get enough food. I mean, come on, it's been day. Mama gave me lots of chicken and rice, it was amazing. I felt like a Hobit, I had 1st, 2nd and 3rd supper. Even after all that, I wanted more food. I made all kids of hilarious noises, but Mamas said I had enough. It was time for bed I suppose.

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