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7/25/2021 & 7/26/2021 - Lazy Days


RAIN DAY! TOday was exactly what I needed, what we all needed. A day to rest, slow down, relax, catch up, and most important, to be together. We spent the whole day snuggled together in the living room. Mama watched Netflix and worked on my blog, Mama H did work and started to get ready for a trip. We ate snacks, got lots of pets and kisses, and took many naps. We didn't even leave the house once, it was great.

I was still not feeling very good, and didn't want to eat much, just biscuits and greenies. I just wanted to be close to my Mama and rest, good thing she wanted to do the same. So that's how we spent the day, doing absolutely nothing but be together. As the days go by, that becomes more and more of what I want, just to be near my Mama, always!


Mama went for a paddle with Bonnie in the morning, she left me and my sisters with Mama H. She was gone a long time, most of the day actually. from the sound of it they had a good time. That makes me happy, I want my Mamas to be happy.

Later that night, we went for a walk at Tow Path again. This continues to be a happy place for me. Kazi and I ran around together, G went slow. MULE! When we got to the end where the campsite is, I took my usual swim in the river. Just a quick in and out kind of dip today, not much in the mood for swimming.

I am still not feeling great, food is not really anything I am interested in. It was another day of minimal food, but at least my energy is coming back. I am starting to feel like running, swimming and playing again, this makes us all happy.

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