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7/24/2021 - Harpswell Cliff Trail

Today was a hard day. Mamas were gone most of the morning, it was Uncle Ryan's birthday. They went to a party at Abu's and left us all at home. My sisters and I watched our DogTV and snuggled together. I really wanted to go with them and tried really hard to convince them. It is getting harder and harder to be away from my Mamas, they have noticed me wanting more attention and wanting to be closer to everyone. I know this because I heard my Mamas talking about it. I still didn't get to go this time. I will keep trying my hardest every time they leave.

When our Mamas got home they packed up the car and loaded us in for an adventure. We went for a really long car ride. stopped at a couple places and ended up at a new adventure spot called Harpswell Cliff Trail.

The hike started off rough for me. Both my sisters were excited to be at this new place, I was super nervous. After about 5 minutes of walking, I was shaking, panting and trying to jump up into Mama's arms. I kept communicating to everyone what I was feeling, I'd look at Mama, then look towards the car. I did this over and over, still trying to jump up to Mama. My Mama definitely knew what I was communicating, both Mamas weren't sure what to do. We stopped for a few minutes to "talk it out", this thing humans do sometimes, I think they were trying to figure out what to do. We eventually kept going, Mamas thought maybe I'd get better if we gave it a few more minutes, sometimes I have to get used to a place before I feel comfortable. It took a little while but they were right, it did get better. It was still hard, I certainly didn't feel great, but I did have some good fun.

The trail was extraordinary, part of it was in the woods, part on a ridgeline, and there were fairy houses at the end. We were allowed to be off the leash, which Kazi and I love, G isn't allowed because she is bad and doesn't listen...don't tell anyone but Kazi doesn't listen that well either. Mama made us go on the leash for part of the trail though, there were giant cliffs with big scary drop offs. Mamas wanted to keep us safe. The view from the top was AWESOME, it even made your heart beat a little faster. Mama H said the cliffs were 150 feet high, that means nothing to me, but it sure looked big!

By the time we got to the fairy houses I was all good, no more nerves. Kazi and I went for a shallow dip in a dirty stream, then we turned around to head back to the car. G had another mule moment but it didn't last long. I think she knew it was shorter to the car if we just kept going on the loop, but it was closed for trail maintenance, so we just went back the same way we came. G is so LAZY sometimes, maybe she was hot, it was so very hot.

After the hike we drove straight home. I went right inside and climbed into the giant LoveSac, the world's most comfortable dog bed, or most expensive as Mamas say. I laid my head down and did very little the rest of the night. I still don't feel like eating, so I skipped that when the time came. It was a hard day, chemo is hard, I am tired. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day, I'm sure we all hope it will be!

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