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7/22/2021 - Camping Fail!

Today began with me not being able to get enough snuggles, kisses, and belly rubs from my Mamas. It was delightful, every time I asked for more, the gave me what I wanted. Works every single time! It's my soft head, yellow droopy eyes, and my adorable cuteness. After many minutes of love and attention, Mama needed to get up. Something fun is happening, I can feel it!!

Mama left to go somewhere and Mama H packed up the new bus and left with Kazi., G and I were left home alone. Eventually Mama came back, that is always better. Mama packed up her car, got a bunch of stuff ready, and loaded me and G in the back of the car. We were off on a new adventure! We drove for a while, stopping at a couple places along the way, whatever Mama picked up at the second place smelled really good (it was pizza)! We finally arrived at the place where Mama H, Kazi and the bus were. I'd been here before, it was pretty and right by the ocean. Mamas call it a campground, I like the outside part but I'm not quite sure about all the people, dogs, and giant vehicles all around. The humans call this camping, seems strange. They pack up all their stuff, drive somewhere where there are a bunch of other people, just to set all the stuff up outside? Strange human practices! Well, I wasn't going to have anything to do with this strange human camping stuff. After Mamas ate pizza, we got back in the car, I was confused. We drove back home, then back to the outdoor camping place called Winslow Park. I think Mama forgot something. When we got back to the campground, Mama took me and Kazi for a long walk. Kazi loved it, Mama felt sick, and I thought it was just okay (loud banging noises and lots of people are not my thing). After our mediocre walk, Mama and I went home, no camping for us!

Mama and I rested the remainder of the night, neither of us felt very good. Mama H and my sisters stayed at the campground. Our adventure today didn't quite go as planned, but we still got to be together, that always makes it a great day!

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