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7/21/2021 - Chemo Round 2

We had a lazy morning today, Mama H was working and Mama was checking lots of things off a list. When we first woke up, me and Mama went to the donut shop, it is always a good day when we go get donuts in the morning. Right around lunch time, Mama took us to Tow Path for a walk, and a swim of course! I just can't resist the water, what can I say, I'm a lab! We didn't take a super long walk but it was a fun walk. We discovered someone's campsite in the woods, we think they were living there. Walking back to the car Kazi got distracted, like A LOT! Mamas were annoyed with her, she gets distracted often when we walk in certain places, but I always come back when I am call...wink wink!

That afternoon we went back to the vet, chemo time, round number two. I wasn't as nervous as last time, Mama gave me a pill that helped me relax. The doctor said my scan and bloodwork were perfect, I am pretty sure that is good news, everyone keeps telling me I am a good girl After treatment we relaxed in the yard, me and G mostly, Kazi likes to be right next to Mama H. We prefer to be outside in the sun. That night Mama made salmon, quite possibly my favorite food ever! I am the only one who got to eat some, Mama saved me the skin and I ate ALL OF IT!! After that treat it was time for bed. I begged Mama for a long time to go upstairs with me, finally she listened. Goodnight and thanks for another day!

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