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7/2/2021 - Kazi's Turn

Such sweet snuggles this morning. I laid in Mama's arms for a long time while she rubbed by belly, gave me pets, and lots and lots of kisses. I think we are both going to miss this the most when I am gone. It's how we have always spent our mornings, it's what we have always done.

Mama was going somewhere and I let her know that I wanted to come with, she understood and let me come in the car. This time we were going to get donuts, I love donut days, we all do! It is one of our family traditions, although it usually happens on the weekend. Today must be a something special day. Mama raced home to pick up Mama H and my sisters. We all piled in the car to go somewhere together.


I got super nervous when we go to the vet, I did not want to go inside again, but it wasn't me they were taking, it was Kazi. I was concerned because I didn't want them to take her either. We all waited in the car for a long time, Kazi finally came back. When she did, I noticed a big bandage on her paw. I remember she hurt it a few days ago, she didn't seem to like this new arrangement. I will show her I care about her today <3

RAIN RAIN RAIN the rest of the day. We laid around, rested, watched movies, and enjoyed a lazy rainy day. I do not love the rain, Mama does though, she says it's relaxing. I suppose it is relaxing, as long as I can stay safe inside. Off to bed early, wonder what that means for tomorrow?

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