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7/17/2021 - Return to Acadia

When we woke up today Mama put me right in the car for a ride to get coffee in town. When you are on Deer Isle, the trip to 44 North for coffee is about 20 minutes each way, but it is well worth it! I could tell we were going to do something fun today, I was excited to find out what it was. When we got back to the house, Mamas packed up the car with lots of stuff and off we went...ADVENTURE!

We went back to Acadia, what a fun surprise! I hadn't been there since the day I collapsed and all our lives were forever changed. I am so glad to be able to be back at Acadia, it is one of my most favorite places. This time we explored a new mountain and trail, I was a little nervous but I was also really excited and ready to hike. The trail Mama picked was amazing! I was not too hard of a hike, there were lots of boulders for me to climb, Mama H always tries to get a picture of me on the rocks but I am too fast. We ran, jumped, scrambled, and climbed up rocks. There were some sections where we really needed to jump and climb hard, Kazi and I crushed it, G needed some help. Just like the swimming, I am not so sure G likes all this stuff, but she always does it for us...even when she is a mule! When we got to the top of Beech Mountain, there was a fire tower. We had a quick snack together, then Mama H took me up the tower steps. We couldn't go all the way up but I loved doing a new thing with Mama H. After our stop at the top, we headed back down the mountain, Mama took the long way, I prefer the long was as well.

After our hike, Mamas went to get lobster at Trenton Bridge, their favorite place. Afterwards we went to get ice cream in Surry, ME at Pugnuts. When we got home, we all snuggled in the living room, tired from a great family fun day. We really had the best time together, I am beginning to think this weekend was all for me, it sure felt like it. Goodnight to all, we are a tired bunch, ready to rest before the sun. Thank you for today!

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