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7/16/2021 - Deer Isle Trip #2

Note: We missed a few days but I am certain we had a ton of fun!

We started today with a car ride to the town of Stonington, Mamas got coffee and I barked and whined while they were inside. I am sure the whole seaside could hear me, I am quite loud. We came back to the house and Mama tried to play fetch but I didn't really feel like, so I brought my ball into the barn. Mama H went running without me, I don't know if I can really run like I used to but I am still having lots of fun in my life.

When Mama H got back we all piled in the car and went for a drive, we got a little lost. We ended up somewhere new, I love new adventures. This place was called Harriman Point Preserve, it was spectacular. We walked and explored the grassy trail until we got to a beach filled with stones and periwinkle shells. There was a peninsula we could walk on out to an island, it was low tide. Kazi and I swam through the water to get to the island path, Mama carried G, she doesn't like to swim! Once we were on the island Mamas took G off the leash, she was FREE (she's not allowed off the leash because she doesn't listen)!! We explored the beautiful beach and tiny island for a short while, but the tide was coming in quickly. When we went to cross back over, the water was higher and the current was moving fast. Kazi and I jumped right in and swam through the current, Kazi was so brave. She is getting better at swimming every year. We headed to the second beach, Eastern Beach, it was only a short walk away. On the way there we started to hear thunder way off in the distance. I didn't really care how far away it was, as you know, I HATE thunder. I started to get scared, I know you are really surprised to hear that. When we got to the the other beach we turned around and headed back to the car, we walked very quickly. Thank goodness we made it back before the storm got closer, it was a big one.

Once we got home the storm got really loud, we all waited together until the storm settled, then Mamas went to dinner. When they came back a little while later they had ice cream for us. I don't usually like to share but my sisters were so brave today and so was I, we all deserved it!

After ice cream, and the big storm, Mamas took me to Walker Pond to go swimming. We all went in the lake together, Mama H skinny dipped, it was fun! The sun was shining, it was warm, and we were all together. We could hear the kids across the lake at camp, Mamas camp. Ava and Hannah are there now, I sure hope to see them again. Together we swam, under the sun, in one of Mamas most favorite places. Mine too! What a GREAT day, now fast asleep at Mama's feet. I can't wait for tomorrow.

P.S. - I was extra cute today (from Mama H)!

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