Stories by Stella is the musings of it’s creator who has a passion and love for interiors, fashion, design and everything in between.

A self confessed dreamer who dances to the beat of her own drum, Samantha’s instagram and blog posts are full of inspiration and imagination to help embrace your personal style whatever that may be.

As an online shopping fan it is not surprising that Sam has also established an online store which has been carefully curated. Sam believes that everything in your home should tell a story or hold a special memory from times gone by.

Whether it’s pieces you have collected on your worldly travels or an item purchased in store Sam believes it should be a talking point and something you can reflect on.

At Stories by Stella we try to bring these stories to you so you can introduce them into your home and to your friends and family which is why, where possible there will be an interview or description with the designers of the product so you can get to know what it is your buying more intimately.

With each piece being carefully chosen we hope you enjoy having these products in your home as much as we enjoy stocking them!

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